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Jared Thiel

I have been in the mortgage and real estate market in the Atlanta Metro area for over 5 years and have helped multiple families with the purchase of new homes. In addition to that I have had amazing results with Refinancing current homes and saving families hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. My […]

Clifton White

My passion for service to others has always been my greatest strength. Many believe that having a big heart is ultimately a weakness, but it has helped me to see past the shortcomings of others to help them with their needs. I have 20 years of law enforcement experience which has given me insight on […]

David Kilpatrick

The Founder of the David Kilpatrick Group, David is an executive leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of helping home buyers solve the many challenges associated with home ownership. He has gained extensive knowledge of the types of mortgage options available, and how they meet the diverse needs of clients. Since market conditions and […]

Jeff McCurdy

A native Georgian who has lived in the Atlanta area his entire life, Jeff has 7-8 years experience in mortgages and banking. He has broad knowledge of the mortgage market and can help you find the mortgage that best suits your situation. Jeff and his team strive to provide the very best customer service experience […]