Meet Our Team

meet our team

My passion for service to others has always been my greatest strength. Many believe that having a big heart is ultimately a weakness, but it has helped me to see past the shortcomings of others to help them with their needs. I have 20 years of law enforcement experience which has given me insight on the needs of people that most never get to see in their everyday lives.

Developing the ability to not only speak effectively but listening is key to any successful relationship. These skills and passions have helped shape me into a good loan officer, in pursuit of greatness. And while I may not always have the answer to every question, I always do my best to work honestly with others so that my customers get the best customer service experience. No customer should ever feel like they received a bad deal.

Transparency, patience, empathy, and a willingness to learn are among my other strengths, and I intend to use each of them to deliver great service to my partners and customers. Instead of using a set of handcuffs to lock up criminals, I now use passion for great service to lock in rates for home buyers. The latter is a lot less dangerous.

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