Meet Our Team

meet our team

Matt was born and raised in Peachtree City, Ga. and is now raising his two children here. And while you may see him out and about with his family, enjoying the great outdoors on their golf cart, fishing or playing competitive soccer, don't be fooled by his casual, easy going style.

Matt has plenty of experience and works with a team of mortgage rock stars at David Kilpatrick Financial and is set to become THE authority on mortgage lending. He sees things that other industry professionals may overlook, allowing him to help many homeowners purchase and refinance homes. While Matt is known for his friendly personality, he is passionate about finding creative financing solutions for his clients, no matter how complex. He utilizes his dedication to learning, along with his experience and unparalleled insight to better understand the forces that drive interest rates.

By staying up-to-date on the latest complexities of mortgage lending, technology and cutting edge marketing techniques for real estate, Matt has become a vital resource for homeowners and Realtors alike.

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